Friday, January 6, 2012

To Do List

If I don't get to this blog this year I'd at least like to make progress once again on some neglected baseball research projects. Perhaps publishing the topics here will provide some motivation -- and a place to write down potential subjects when they come up.

Today I decided that in addition to my commitment to bio Terry Leach, I'd also like to write about Steve Trachsel. I also will need to make time in March and April to prepare for a presentation on Seaver for the Mets 50th anniversary event. If I get more ideas I want to write them down here. A goal of doing 10 bios this year might be a lot, but five ought to be doable. I found Trax's Facebook page.

Things really went whacky at Thanksgiving. Ate and drank too much and lost the momentum on the push-up and running. Very often any high point in running -- that fast 8K I did for example -- is followed almost immediately by a low period. I picked up the running again after some fear I might be hurt and/or bored, but I'm still feeling the extra weight I've been carrying around. Keep at it. Write. Do pushups. Follow through.

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