Sunday, January 15, 2012

Classic Rock Never Takes the Weekend Off

Just me and the cats this weekend. Saturday, painted and hung the closet doors, did a 7-mile run, watched the Patriots-Broncos debacle at a sports bar with wings. Today, fixed the back door, cleared out the tool case, ran another 7 miles. More chicken, more football and Moneyball on DVD await. Listened to Springsteen yesterday (my Lucky Touch mix, plus for the first time probably, Devils & Dust, which I liked quite a bit).

Human Touch is an outstanding song but a rather lousy album; but I always liked Lucky Town. I bought both these albums for cheap at K-Mart in Elkton back in '92. Cassettes, since I listened in the car almost exclusively then.

Streaming The River now and remembering that although I owned this as soon as it came out in December of 1980 it was probably too much me at 14. For example, I rarely if ever played Side 4. I'm only now working at separating liking Springsteen because I was supposed to (my initial attraction was more about imitating my brother, who is 7 years older and also aligning my tastes with what I knew was critically acclaimed). It's a great record when you're in the mood for it, and though it was hard to slot in with its predecessors, there are pieces of 'USA' and 'Nebraska' all over it.

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